With every brilliant idea comes a revolution, and the smallest idea can give way to a powerful change.



Apricot: a fruit that is small, yet packs a powerful punch.

This is reflective of how we are like as a team – compact, nimble, and highly efficacious. Apart from these qualities, we also pride ourselves on being forward-looking thinkers. Daring change-makers and innovation that inspires communities captivate us.

With decades of experience in managing consumer brands to multi-billion-dollar success, we are looking to invest in sectors and entrepreneurs that we see potential and value in. Partnering with tomorrow’s leaders, we will redefine business landscapes and industries.


  • David Teo

    David, founder of Super Group, is credited as the initiator of Super Group’s famous 3-in-1 beverage products. For more than 25 years, he has led the growth and development in Asia’s fast-paced and competitive food and beverage industry.

    In 1994, upon the successful listing of Super on Singapore Stock Exchange, David was appointed Chairman and Managing Director of the Group. He also founded another public-listed company, Fuji Offset Plates Manufacturing Ltd, and currently serves as its Chairman.

    David was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Singapore 2006 and the Category Winner in Manufacturing and Business Services in recognition for his entrepreneurial vision and achievements.

    After the successful S$1.45 billion sale of Super Group to the largest international F&B conglomerate, Jacob Douwe Egberts, David has incorporated Apricot Capital Pte Ltd, the private investment holding company of his own family. Through this new investment vehicle, David has ventured into a diverse range of investments, namely property development, commercial properties, fund management, offshore marine, education and entertainment/lifestyle industries.

  • June Teo

    June was formerly an Executive Director on the Board of Super Group Ltd and was responsible for the administrative and human resource functions of the Company. She now joins Apricot Capital as its Vice Chairman and brings along a wealth of experience. June has always been a firm believer of giving back to society and focuses on the philanthropic initiatives of Apricot Capital. She has set up the Apricot Capital Foundation which gives back to society, particularly supporting education and the less fortunate.

  • Elaine Teo

    Elaine became part of Super Group Ltd in 1999 and helmed the Group’s branding, marketing and product development. Her extensive experience in these fields has given her the edge and expertise to heighten the Group’s market expansion in the region.

    She spearheaded the rebranding exercise for the Company and played a pivotal role in building and establishing a stronger and more appealing brand for Super Group. This initiative injected the Super brand with the right brand and marketing strategies that resonate and appeal to today’s consumers. This has not only strengthened the group’s brand presence in key markets, but has also provided the platform to launch and penetrate into new markets for growth opportunities.

    Elaine is now a Managing Partner in Apricot Capital, responsible for financial planning, strategic fund deployment and management of the Company’s investment portfolios.

  • Darren Teo

    Darren started his career in Super in 2007. He assisted the key management team in strategic business planning and overseas business expansion initiatives. In 2008, he spearheaded a restructuring exercise for Super Group which led to the Group focusing and consolidating its non-core activities through strategic sales, and repurposing these activities to be in line with the Group’s direction. As overseas expansion was a crucial component to Super Group’s growth strategies, he implemented a dual-engine growth strategy in 2008 (Branded Consumer & Food Ingredients) which further strengthened the Group's revenue streams, allowing it to grow its business in Asia. In 2009, he established Super Group's Corporate & Investor Relations Team and lead the team while also assuming the role of Corporate Strategy and Business Development Manager.

    In 2014, Darren was appointed Group Assistant General Manager for Strategy & Business Development, overseeing the Group's overall strategy and commercial activities covering more than 65 countries. In 2016, Darren was appointed Executive Director of Super Group Ltd.

    Darren now joins Apricot Capital as a Managing Partner and evaluates investment proposals, brokers strategic investment deals and opportunities, as well as managing its investment portfolios.

  • James Tay

    James has been in the IT industry since 2003. His professional career spanned across companies such as Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard and Dell EMC. James area of expertise covers IT Cyber Security, IT Security Architecture, IT Governance, Risk and Compliance. He has designed and developed new business lines and services within the IT Cyber Security domain. With more than a decade of experience, James has provided consultancy services across multiple industry sectors which include educational institutions, financial institutions, aviation, hospitality and healthcare, and government agencies. Through the experience with the various industries, he has gained an understanding of the various business functions and the changing requirements of each industry.

    James now joins Apricot Capital as a Director and contributes to the evaluation of investment proposals and opportunities, and also assists in the asset management of properties.