Two Of A Kind

September 11, 2020

(Strategic investor since Sep 2020)

You are Two of a Kind. So are we.

Two of a Kind is Singapore’s first and only homegrown independent and direct-to-consumer contact lens brand. We started Two of a Kind to provide highest quality product at affordable prices and to disrupt an otherwise stagnant industry. We believe that eye health can and should be uncomplicated, personal and more fun – and that it all starts with easy and honest ways to try out and use our product.

Our journey started in 2016 with a hunch that small tweaks to the industry could lead to better and easier ways for real people like us to get great contact lenses. This led to two years of research, interviewing experts and testing products ourselves. We ended up partnering with companies that care as much as we do, and worked closely with them to design lenses we literally wrote home about. Since 2018, we found a way to bring these lenses to you, and to use convenient subscriptions to get them delivered to your doorstep. By going direct-to-consumer, we get to splurge on highest quality product, and also take out unnecessary middleman markups – so our prices are sensible.

In 2019, we also launched Singapore’s first contact lens blister recycling initiative, Project 2×2, where we facilitate recycling single use contact lens packaging plastic responsibly and transparently. This initiative is not limited to Two of a Kind product – we take product from any and all brands.