Apricot Capital invests in entrepreneurs who are passionate and create positive impact.



With every brilliant idea comes a revolution, and the smallest idea can give way to a powerful change in systems and societies.

We believe in empowering ideas for a better tomorrow.

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The world sees millions of ideas every day, but we seek out the brightest and the boldest in these forms:

  • A burning desire to make a difference.

  • With an authentic vision, original yet well thought out.

  • A self-aware, driven and deeply caring entrepreneur.

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At Apricot, we believe that every new revolution goes a long way.

We are dedicated to supporting the less fortunate as we grow together as one team, one community.

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A platform for the highly-driven budding entrepreneur with a singular bright idea and excellent executional skills.

Our space provides:

  • Mentorship

  • Growth capital

  • Community and networks

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