Float Foods

June 8, 2021

( Strategic Investor since June 2021)

Float Foods is Singapore’s first food tech startup dedicated to the development of a plant-based whole egg substitute.

Developed with proprietary technology created by Float Foods’ in-house research and development team, OnlyEG comprises legumes-based substitutes for both egg yolk and egg white as two distinct components, which can be prepared individually or assembled in minutes into multiple styles of eggs for Asian and Western cuisines. OnlyEG is among the first of its kind to achieve a level of likeness to a real chicken egg. The closest alternatives in the market are currently liquid blends of egg substitutes that are made into scrambled eggs and omelettes.

Float Foods develops food technology and innovations in plant-based foods and alternative proteins with the aim of contributing to Singapore’s food safety and creating a sustainable environment by reducing animal consumption whilst at the same time, enabling consumers to eat healthy, nutritious foods. Float Foods is working towards delivering a fully functional, versatile plant-based whole egg substitute aligned with Singapore’s 30 x 30 goals.